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# HOW OUR AMAZON PPC SERVICE DELIVERS STELLAR RESULTS We help great brands scale with **Amazon advertising**. We build profitable Amazon ad strategies for your ecommerce business so you don’t have to. Work with an experienced and diverse team that knows what they’re doing and who you can trust. **In December 2019 alone, we earned our clients $5,224,965.97 in Amazon ad revenue!** We listen to and learn from our clients. Our tailored approach to Amazon PPC management is what takes things to the next level as no two businesses are the same: -Ad Audit -Onboarding + Account Triage -Restructure & Scale -Ongoing Optimization -Ongoing Collab Check out our Listings to Learn More! *“To me, the main thing for an agency is the communication part and I think that you guys [AMZ Pathfinder] have communicated everything really, really well.* *Frequent follow ups: emails and calls every month and to me, that’s very valuable.* *And of course, the spreadsheet and data records that I’ve been getting, which shows how everything is performing within a single spreadsheet…* *Those two are the main things for me: The communication part and also the data that you show in terms of spreadsheets and charts.”* – Ash, Amazon FBA Business Owner in the Home Decor Category North America and EU Markets

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